Introducing: All Times.

Welcome folks!

We are so excited to finally introduce our sparkling cider line up, All Times. Brought to you by the folks that created Citizen Cider. All Times, is a locally sourced, high-quality sparkling cider. We are proud to work with local apple growers and wanted to create a wholesome brand for those who enjoy a fresh orchard experience.

 We here at Citizen Cider, obviously very engorged in the apple world, wanted to expand our reach even further and decided to dabble in the non-alcoholic realm. When looking at a lot of the juices currently in the market, we thought to ourselves, why do so many only use such a small percentage of actual juice in their drinks? So we said, let’s make a sparkling cider with 100% juice, All Times.


 Didn’t you guys create a cider called Citizen Sweet first?

We sure did. After producing Citizen Sweet for about a year and distributing it to the lovely people of Vermont, we decided to hand off the distribution to our friends at Farrell Distributing. We also realized that another company had trademarked the name Citizen Juice company. Oops! So in an effort to eliminate any issues in the market, we renamed the brand All Times.

Why All Times?

Finch (Justin’s son) coined this phrase as his way of describing the absolute best or the greatest term of endearment. If something is Finch’s favorite, like grilled cheese, it is All TImes.  So we thought, why not dub this cider the ultimate cider, a sparkling cider to enjoy, here, there and All Times.


Does it taste the same?

Yes, same awesome cider made locally in Burlington, Vermont. Fresh apple taste, fresh apple flavor. Crack open an All Times Sparkling Cider and be reminded of what it’s like to stand in a Vermont orchard. No additives keep this sparkling cider clean and refreshing. All Times.badges-all-times-blogCheers!