All Times Ice Cream Float

Craving something sweet and refreshing? Look no further, these Sparkling Apple Cider Ice Cream Floats are the perfect end of summer treat!

Apples and ice cream, summer and fall. The perfect combo for saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall..well almost. (summer plz don’t go)



Vanilla Ice Cream

Caramel Sauce

Sliced Apples

1 Can All Times Sparkling Apple Cider



Pour caramel and sugar onto 2 separate plates. Dip the rim of your glass into caramel and then into sugar.

Now place a few scoops of ice cream in the glass, and pour All Times Apple Cider.

Once bubbles settle, drop some apple slices and top off with more cider.


Not in the area but looking to get your hands on some all times? You can order our cider online through our facebook shop or vinoshipper.

Cheers to the end of summer and cheers to sweet treats you can enjoy all times!